Child Support Calculations for Ohio

How is Child Support Calculated in Ohio?

Marital problems are difficult not only for the two spouses involved, but for the entire family unit. Often, the transition from a united home to separate households with divorced parents can be highly traumatic for children. In addition to emotional effects, divorce may impact children by altering their living arrangements, imposing psychological stress, and depriving them of the support and financial security of having a two-parent household. In order to remedy the financial disadvantage of divorce and ensure children get the resources they need the issue of the appropriate amount of child support must be addressed by the Court.

In Ohio, child support guidelines determine the amount of payments based on a variety of factors. This type of factor-based calculation takes into account the individual circumstances of each family while also providing some degree of predictability and consistency for those responsible for making payments.

Ohio’s child support guidelines are found in Chapter 31 of the Ohio Revised Code. The basic schedule of support obligations, which is based on the income of both parents, is located at section 3119.021 of the code, and several subsequent sections address modifications and specific issues.

The major factor determining child support calculations is the combined gross income of the mother and father of the child. But the law also provides for several deductions from this amount that attempt to provide a fairer amount for everyone involved. For example, major medical insurance coverage, daycare costs, local income tax paid, and other child support obligations are also factored into the calculations. These types of exceptions and deductions are used to make sure that there is sufficient financial support for the children involved, but also that parents have enough money to support themselves and maintain adequate food, shelter, and clothing for the child.

While the Ohio child support guidelines offer a basic schedule that can be used to calculate payments relatively quickly and easily, modifications from the amount listed on the schedule may be significant depending on the circumstances. Thus, it is always important to speak with a legal professional to understand all of the factors involved.

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